Zion Curtain Extended

Beer-only Restaurants Also Need Partitions

This last spring two different bills passed the State Legislature that puts more restrictions on alcohol in Utah. One of the restrictions is the so-called “zion curtain,” which is a partition that separates drink mixing bartenders from restaurant patrons. The supposed reason for the partition is to keep these mixed drinks out of the sight of children, which is not very clear logic assuming the kids will see the restaurant patrons drinking the drink. The partition, which was originally only for mixed alcoholic drinks, now also applies to restaurants that only serve beer. This law requires that wait staff at beer only restaurants pour or pop the top on a bottle of beer in a backroom or out of site of patrons. Multiple representatives that have been questioned about the law are unsure why it was included in the bill and realize the ineffectiveness of such legislation.

Utah Liquor Laws

Obviously, the state of Utah is a little bit different in their laws concerning alcohol. The legislature may be a little out of touch with the general sentiment of their constitute, but regardless of the follies that are taking place at the state capitol the laws on the books right now are what will be enforced. Some of the laws concerning alcohol, however, are not strange to the area and will likely not be changing any time soon and those are the DUI laws. Regardless, of whether or not your beer was poured in front of you or not it is still your responsibility to not drive impaired.

Provo DUI Attorney

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