Disposable Breathalyzers

Disposable breathalyzers have been in use in Europe and elsewhere for several years. The United States has been slow to approve these and related products. However, just recently, the FDA approved a particular type of disposable breathalyzer known as the Safe & Sounds Breathalyzer. These one time use, disposable breath tests, should be hitting stores including Walmart and Seven Eleven in Utah and all over the United States in a few months. You may also end up seeing these in vending machines in bars and clubs.

The disposable breathalyzer works like this: you essentially blow into a small plastic bag, then you attached a small cylinder to the mouth piece and release the air through the cylinder. There are small crystals in the cylinder which detect the presence of alcohol and turn from yellow to green if alcohol is present. Additionally, if a black line appears on the cylinder, the air tested at or above the .08 limit giving a very clear answer on whether or not it is safe to drive.

These new small disposable breathalyzers can be easily stashed in a glove compartment or even carried in a purse. These can be a great tool to help prevent DUI charges in Utah and we highly recommend individuals who regularly consume alcohol keep one of these handy. The cost for this device various but is generally about $7, at least that is the current listed price on the manufacturers website.

From the research we could gather regarding these devices, they seem to be very reliable and accurate. Some police departments have even vouched for their reliability and are considering carrying them in stock as a tool to be used by officers in the field. With FDA approval, many government agencies are picking these up for various uses. We are hopeful once these hit the market, many DUIs in Utah can be avoided.

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