DUI Defense Lawyers in Utah County, Provo, Orem

Driving Under the Influence in Utah is a Serious Crime

Getting charged with a Utah DUI anywhere can be an extremely difficult event coupled with very serious consequences. Every county can treat this crime a little differently and as one might expect Utah County is very strict when it comes to DUIs. From the date of the issued charge by an officer, you have only ten days to request a hearing to determine the validity of the charge. This time limitation crunch along with the high fines, loss of drivers license and possible jail time for a DUI, even on a first offense of DUI raises the stakes over a “simple DUI charge.”

A DUI is Not Just About Alcohol

Although drunk driving is most thought of when a DUI charge is mentioned, police officers are trained to give this type of ticket to those who have their driving impaired from an substance whether it is illegal, legal or even over the counter substance. Often those who have not consumed alcohol or do not believe they have consumed enough to be over the legal limit of .08 Blood Alcohol Content do not seek help thinking their criminal charge is not serious. However, every DUI charge is treated the same and the state will prosecute against the charge to the full extent of the law which is quite serious even for first time offenders.

DUI Convictions Can Effect Many Areas of Your Life

As with all criminal offenses a DUI on your record can bring tough consequences in the future. Whether it be in future job interviews, rental contracts or any other situation that could be accompanied by a background check a DUI can ruin your chances for success in these areas. A DUI is not just about the fine, jail time and license suspension because it can change your whole life.

Don’t Feel That You Must Face a DUI Charge Alone

If you or someone you love has been charged with a DUI in any form get help immediately and find an experienced professional who can help you protect your rights. Just because a citation is submitted does not mean the State has already won. The attorneys at Provo DUI Defense want to help you fight for your rights and help you overcome the danger of a DUI charge. Contact us for a consultation as soon as possible.

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