Provo Lawyers Who Defend Against Underage DUI Charges in Utah

Utah Underage DUI Laws

It is often said that Utah DUI laws are harsh on those who drink and drive. A first offense automatically suspending the license for 120 days and large fines and court fees attached to it can create some idea that the system is stacked against those who are accused with no way to get out.

In order to prove a person over the age of 21 has committed a DUI the state must show that the driver had a BAC of .08 or higher or was too intoxicated to operate a vehicle. However, those who are accused of a DUI who are under the age of 21 have it even worse. In Utah if there is any trace of alcohol in an underage driver’s system, even with a BAC lower then .08, he can still be convicted of an underage DUI. This standard was changed by Utah’s “not a drop” law in 2010. Coupled with this zero tolerance policy for underage drivers is a steeper license suspension of 120 days or until the convicted underage driver reaches the age of 21 whichever is longer. This means that if an underage driver is convicted of a DUI at the age of 18 their license will be suspended for three years on the first offense. This can lead to job loss, fail school courses and other social consequenses to those convicted.

Stiff Penalties Call For Stiff Defenses

Due to the severity of an underage DUI conviction in Utah even on the first offense, those accused of this crime should contact an experienced professional to help discussion options and plan a defense in order to overcome the DUI accusation. You are still limited to a 10 day window to request a DLD hearing and in most other aspects underage DUI is similar to a regular DUI but with harsher and longer penalties. The attorneys at the law firm of Provo DUI Defense can help defend you from the state attempting to convict you of an underage DUI charge. Don’t give up, with help you can fight the state and win.

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