Defending in Provo Against DUI Alcohol Charges

Drunk Driving Has Serious Consequences in Utah County

Everyone understands that driving is a potentially dangerous activity. Traveling at speeds upwards of 65 miles per hour in 2,000 pound vehicles along a stretch of roadway can be difficult especially when the conditions are compounded by Utah’s inclement weather conditions. This is why Utah County has imposed such stiff penalties for those who are convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol. A first time offender can be sentenced to up to six months in jail (with a high BAC), up to a $1000 fine plus several hundred more in costs and court fees and generally has their license suspended for 120 days. If you are convicted of a second DUI before a 10 year period has passed from the first, the penalties all get worse. If you caused injury to another person the penalties become even more stiff.

Don’t Drink and Drive

We’ve all heard the slogan before to “never drink and drive” and we should follow it to protect ourselves, whoever is driving with us and others on the road. Plan ahead when you are going to drink and recognize that even a little amount of alcohol can impair your reflexes and judgment to hinder your driving. The legal limit in Utah County is .08 grams blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC) and thus even only a few drinks can lead to a legal DUI.

Don’t Take a DUI Lightly

If you do drive after consuming alcohol and are charged with a DUI do not take the charge lightly. The experienced attorneys at Provo DUI Defense can help you protect your rights by recovering your driving privileges from the DMV, fighting the police officers testifying against you in court and helping you be protected from the harmful penalties associated with a DUI.

Don’t attempt to handle the complex law of a DUI in Utah County where the serious consequences of failure are very difficult to overcome. Our experienced attorneys can help you beat a DUI charge or arrest by protecting your rights. Call us for a consultation to get the help you deserve.

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