Chemical Tests Used to Detect DUI in Utah

Attorneys Defending Against the Blood/Breath Test

When a person is stopped by a police officer and cited for drunk driving they are most offten arrested and taken to an office to have a chemical test taken whether it be breath, blood, urine or oral fluid test these tests must be done correctly and by a properly trained person in order to be admitted as evidence against the accused in court. Although some consider a side of the road breath test to be similar to those administered at a police station, they are not and are not used in court because of their unreliability. Although you may politely refuse to take a field sobriety test, if you are arrested and asked to submit to a chemical test, you do not have the right to refuse. In fact refusing to take a chemical test in those circumstances can lead to an automatic suspension of your license for a year and a half. This is true not just in Utah but in al 50 states.

There is Hope Even With a Failed Chemical Test

Often people who have failed a chemical test in the process of their DUI citation and arrest so not wish to relive the event. This is normal but often these persons do not get help believing there is little someone can do for them, plead guilty accept the harsh punishment under the Utah law and attempt to move forward with the consequences both social and financial in attempts to run from the problem. DUI chemical tests are difficult and need precise procedures and personel in order to be accurate. Often if these procedures are not documented or done in some other way the evidence of a failed chemical test can not be used against the accused in court allowing an experienced attorney like those at Provo DUI Defense to help the accused not be convicted.

If you or someone you care for has been accused of driving while under the influence get help form a qualified professional fast. The experienced attorneys at the law firm of Provo DUI Defense can help you survive a DUI arrest in Utah and put your life back together.

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