Provo Attorney Defending Individuals with Multiple Utah DUIs

Multiple DUI’s

The stiff penalties for a DUI in Utah can seem extreme even on the first offense where a conviction will cost a person their license for 120 days, hundreds of dollars in fines and court fees coupled with the social consequences at a person’s job and social circle. If you have been convicted of a DUI in Utah you are aware of how hard and life changing a DUI conviction can be. If you then are cited or arrested for a second DUI offense within the 10 year period following the first the penalties and fines continue to escalate. You face a mandatory 1 year suspension of license and even higher fines and fees upwards of $1000.

However, if this is your third DUI offense within the 10 year period the penalties become even more severe. With a third DUI conviction your DUI now can be classed as a felony charge. Not only will you face prison for up to five years if convicted of a felony in Utah, but you will then have a felony on your police record for the rest of your life and all the limitations that will cause.

Just Because You’ve Been Convicted in the Past, You Shouldn’t Give Up Hope

You have options to overcome a DUI charge even if you’ve been convicted in the past. Although you would think a judge might be harder on a repeat DUI offender, officially that former behavior should not influence a current proceeding and an experienced attorney can help make sure it doesn’t.

A repeat DUI or a DUI felony are serious problems with serious consequences for those who fail to address them. With the help of a qualified attorney like those at Provo DUI Defense you can find a way to beat the state’s case against you and go on living your life. Don’t give up hope, get help. Contact Provo DUI Defense today and begin your road to a solid DUI defense.

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