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Impaired Driving vs. a DUI

Often those who have been cited for impaired driving do not understand the differences between this lesser charge and that of a DUI. A conviction for impaired driving is generally better then a conviction for a DUI because the law treats this infraction as a lessor offense. Usually the prosecutor assigned to your case has discretion whether to charge you with impaired driving or a DUI, this is usally based upon you blood alcohol concentration and if it is your first offense. If you were caught legitimately impaired while driving you can avoid the stiffer penalties of a DUI conviction by attempting to receive only the lesser offense of impaired driving.

Advantages of Impaired Driving vs DUI

When a person is convicted of a DUI charge there is a mandatory suspension of the person’s license for 120 days . Due to this law when a person is cited or arrested for a DUI (before they are convicted) their license is immediately suspended subject to a hearing before the Driver’s License Division (DLD). Even if the person has their license reinstated at this hearing prior to their DUI hearing, their license will still be subject to the 120 day suspension following their conviction. If they had instead been convicted of the lessor crime of impaired driving they would not be subject to the license suspension.

How do You Know Which Crime is Which?

The vast differences in consequences between being convicted of impaired driving or a DUI make it imperative that you involve an expert to represent you to the court and battle the prosecutor for your case to protect your rights. Without this help you may be subject to harsher penalties you would not have to live through with it.

If you or someone you know has been cited or arrested on a DUI charge get help from a qualified attorney like those at Provo DUI Defense. Our experienced professionals have helped many people in the same situation and they can minimize your consequences or even remove the entire charge. Call now for a consultation so we can help you decide the best course of action in your unique case.

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