DUI Related Car Accidents

Causing an Accident While Committing a DUI

Everyone understands that when you drive while impaired by a controlled substance you put yourself and others at risk. This risk stems from a hindering effect upon the impaired driver’s reflexes and disaffected judgment. In a dangerous situation an impaired driver will react slower and make a bad situation worse. In Utah the punishment for being caught driving impaired has very serious consequences, but if you  create or participate in an accident while impaired the penalties become even greater even for a first time offender. As one might expect if the accident is serious enough to injure to kill another passenger or driver of another car the state might even attempt to convict the impaired driver for something as serious as a type of murder charge.

Get Help As Soon as the Accident Occurs

When an accident has occurred and you were an impaired driver involved get help from a qualified attorney immediately. Do not answer questions about your night, your state or what happened without an attorney present who can protect you and your rights. An experienced attorney like those at the law firm Provo DUI Defense can help to ensure your rights are protected and you are not blamed for an accident that might not be your fault just because you were an impaired driver.

Know Your Rights

An accident is always a traumatic experience and in the heat of the moment you might not know what to do. What is said when the first police officer arrives on the scene is often the report that will make or break a case in a DUI accident criminal case. Know that you do not need to submit to any field tests for sobriety and that you do not need to speak to the police officer without an attorney present. If you are arrested you need to submit to a chemical test, but it would be a good idea to contact an attorney for advice about your situation to determine if this is the best course of action. The attorneys at Provo DUI Defense have helped others who have gone through this type of situation and they can help you too. Go to Provo DUI Defense today so they can help you with your unique situation and help get your life back in order.

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