Utah DUI Penalties

Defending Against the Consequences of Drunk Driving

Don’t Panic and Other Hints For a Person Accused of DUI

When you drive down the road and spot a police vehicle only to realize you are doing something wrong your heart skips a beat and hopes the cop doesn’t see you. Your heart can begin to race by the time the police lights flash in your review mirror and you pull over to the side. In Utah this can be even more nerve racking when you’ve been drinking and you understand how severe the penalties are for DUI in the state.  It is never a good decision to drive after consuming alcohol or other controlled substances that impair your driving skill. However, if you do find yourself driving in that situation know that you should not panic and focus on doing your best to drive in the circumstances. If you are pulled over by a police officer know that you do not need to submit to a field sobriety test, but by so doing you might be arrested and charged with a DUI following a chemical test you should not refuse to take unless at the advice of legal council.

What Penalties Are Attached to a DUI Conviction

Although you are arrested for a DUI and your driver’s license has been confiscated you have not yet been convicted of a DUI. You have time to fight the conviction and possibly beat it or have it minimized to an impaired driving charge.

You have a ten day window following the arrest to request a hearing at the Driver License Division in order to be able to drive until you are convicted. If you fail to do this within a 30 day period your manditory 120 day suspension, for first time offenders, of your license will begin. If you are convicted of a DUI beyond the suspension of your drivers licence first time offenders are subject to 48 hours of jail time, work service or home confinement along with more than a $1000 fine, other court fees, being required to have an interlock device, and becoming an alcohol restricted driver.

A DUI conviction is a very serious matter and you should not attempt to tackle the problem on your own. Seek out qualified help like the attorneys at the law firm Provo DUI Defense. The attorneys there have helped many people overcome the accusation of the state. Get a consultation today.

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