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Utah DUI Laws

It is commonly understands that the reasoning behind DUI laws is public safety. Because of the impairment alcohol creates in a person, we as a society believe that those impaired should not be driving. The effects of alcohol can slow a driver’s reflexes and debilitate judgment causing them to be more susceptible to accidents. Due to the extreme concern caused by drunk driving laws of been implemented that regulate in a way most laws do not. For example a law such as assault is established to protect people but a person cannot be charged with assault until they actually cause injury. In the case of a DUI a person can be convicted of a crime when they have caused no injury.

DUI’s That Cause Injury

With a crime that can be charged without injury, it stands to reason that such a crime would be enhanced when harm is involved. That is the case with DUI’s, if a person was injured as a result of an accident stemming from impaired driving then a person can be convicted of a class A misdemeanor instead of a class B. Which is a difference of 6 months more in jail and $1,500 more in fines. An example of this happened over the weekend when a Highland man was arrested for DUI after he hit and critically injured a 6-year-old girl in Duchesne.

Utah County DUI Defense

Facing criminal charges can be a very nerve raking experience. For a lot of people charged with a DUI it is the first time they have ever been charged with a crime. Obviously, this type of experience will result in a lot of nervousness and a lot of questions. The best thing an accused person can do is get the help of an attorney. At Provo DUI Defense our attorneys can help answer your questions and help you understand the legal process you are facing. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation.


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