Utah Automobile Homicide Laws

Where DUI and Homicide Meet

Automobile homicide is an offense that can sound a little scary to some people. On its face, it could be interpreted as creating a death with your car, and this is something that could happen to anyone on the roadway. So initially people might be concerned that anyone could be charged with automobile homicide simply because they were involved in a wreck where some was killed. However, this is not the case according to Utah law. An additional requirement for automobile homicide is that the driver that caused the accident was driving under the influence.

DUI’s Most Serious Offense

In most DUI cases the accused is facing a crime that was set up to prevent injury. Most DUI offenders never created any harm to anyone, but instead put themselves in a situation where harm was more likely. Very few criminal offenses are set up like DUI, in the sense that most offenses require that the harm be created before a conviction can be obtained. Therefore, it stands to reason that when harm does occur as a result of a DUI and that harm is the death of another, the crime should be especially serious. Depending on the circumstances, an automobile homicide charge will be a third or second degree felony.

Utah County Legal Defense

Whether you have been charged with your first DUI or with automobile homicide you need the help of an attorney and Provo DUI Defense can help. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and they will help you understand the legal system and feel comfortable with what lies ahead. DUI offenses can have serious consequences and with out proper legal help you could be exposing yourself to unnecessary liability. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation and see how we can help you out.

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