US Deportations and Drunk Driving

Obama Administration Send DUI Immigrants Home

Last year the Obama administration set a record for the number of criminal immigrants that were forced to leave the country. Of those deported a large number of them were sent home after drunk driving charges, in fact over 27,500 immigrants were forced to leave after a DUI charge. This number has more than doubled since the last year of the Bush administration which saw just under 11,000 immigrants deported following a DUI offense. Although Obama has stated that his immigration policies will focus on getting rid of the worst of the worst criminal immigrants the fact that so many are being sent home after DUIs and other traffic offenses tends to suggest differently.

Other Consequences of a DUI

The penalties of a DUI are usually measured by jail and court fines but there are other consequences of a DUI conviction that are often not mentioned and can sometimes be much more damaging. The deportation example above is one of those consequences but others could be a damaged reputation, loss of employment, or loss of government assistance. These sometimes unforeseen consequences are not administered directly by the judicial system but are however linked to a conviction. This is one reason why a conviction should be so aggressively fought, and the best way to do this is with the help of an attorney.

DUI Attorney in Provo

If you are facing DUI charges in Provo then you are facing more than just possible court imposed penalties and you need an attorney to help you defend yourself. The attorneys at Provo DUI Defense are experienced criminal defenders who are familiar with defending client’s DUI charges. We understand what is at a stake for you and your loved ones and will work tirelessly for your rights and liberties. Call us today to set up a free consultation. 801.900.3371

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