Spring Break in Utah and DUIs

It’s that time of year again, Spring Break is here for most students, including high school and college students, in Utah and that may mean an increase in parties and outdoor activities for many of these students across the state. Not to mention many adults also use this time of year to get out and vacation a little bit. Unfortunately, there may also be a rise in the number of DUIs handed out each year during this time as the weather warms and drinking and driving increases. We caution everyone enjoying Spring Break this year in Utah to not drink and drive and be responsible. Nonetheless, we understand many people will be charged with DUIs during spring break, as well as other charges such as marijuana possession, and we offer our services to help you get through a not so fun situation.

Minor Consumption Charges

Many college students on Spring Break may not only receive a DUI, but might also find themselves facing a Minor Consumption of Alcohol charge. The fact is the majority of undergrad college students are under the age of 21 which means the penalties and charges could be even worse in those cases. You don’t even have to be driving to lose your driving privileges for drinking under the age. If you or someone you know is under the age of 21 and is facing a DUI and/or related alcohol charges, call and speak with a Provo DUI Defense Lawyer at our office right away.

Provo DUI Defense

Whether you live in Provo, Orem, Spanish Fork, Lehi, or anywhere else in Central Utah, we can help. With UVU and BYU right here in the valley, we see a lot of charges against college students. Don’t take any chances by thinking you can go to court alone and just hope for the best. We offer payment plans for poor college students looking to get a lawyer onboard so you don’t have to take extra student loan debt to cover your legal fees. We do not charge for consultations over the phone so call now.

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