Probation Following a DUI Charge

If you are convicted of a DUI, you can almost guarantee you will be ordered to some kind of probation. The question is really only whether or not your probation will be supervised or unsupervised. In a sense probation is always supervised its just either supervised by the court, supervised by a probation officer, or supervised by a third party private supervision agency. We mostly refer to supervision by the court as being unsupervised probation. Under the DUI laws in Utah, if you are convicted of a DUI and it is your first offense, the judge may order supervised probation. Many times however, the judges do not order supervised probation on a first offense and as long as you are compliant with paying fines, taking the DUI classes, etc. you are taken off probation.

On a second or third DUI conviction, the judge is required by law to impose a supervised probation order. As part of your supervised probation you will most likely be required not to consume any alcohol at all during the time of your probation and you should expect to be tested for both drugs and alcohol along the way. Supervised probation will keep close tabs on you during your probationary period which usually lasts at least year and often longer.

DUI Probation Violations

The most important thing to know is that violating your probation in any way can easily land you in jail so having a Provo DUI Defense Attorney represent you in an order to show cause is well advised. Also keep in mind that it will be your duty to inform the court during your probation when you pass certain probationary requirements such as the Prime for Life class. Always keep a record of any classes, assessments, or treatment you received and you should always the court is provided copy of your certificates of completion. For help with DUI Probation Violations or a DUI charge itself, our team can help.

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