Prime for Life Class in Utah County

The Prime for Life Class is the typical court ordered DUI class you must attend if convicted of a DUI or other alcohol related offense in Utah County. The Prime for Life Class is mandatory in almost every DUI case, unless your case is dismissed, you can bet the Prime for Life will be a part of your sentence. Being charged with a DUI carries the potential for several other penalties including large fines, community service, ignition interlocks, suspended license, and even possible jail time. As attorneys we try to make the probationary terms go as smoothly for our clients as possible. If you have been ordered to complete an alcohol assessment and take the Prime for Life class, as your attorney, we provide you with a list of options for taking the class and help you get in and out of the program successfully.

Violating DUI Probation

If you do not get the Prime for Life Class completed during the time indicated by the court, you may be in violation of your court ordered probation which could carry severe penalties. There is a fee for the Prime for Life Class and many individuals put it off because they do not want to pay the class fee. As a result they allow the time to slip by and they end up getting a notice form the court that they have not complied in a timely manner and now have to face the judge again. If you have violated your probationary terms, you need a Provo DUI Attorney to help ensure you get through the system and back on track. Do not go to court alone, at the very minimum you should call our office and get some advice over the phone.

Provo DUI Lawyer

Going through a DUI case is difficult enough, get a Provo DUI Lawyer on your defense today to help get you the best result possible. We have a list of the entire Prime for Life providers in your area and can help you get through the process without violating the court ordered terms. Call us anytime at 801.900.3371.

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