Police Cracking Down on DUIs on Super Bowl Sunday

Police throughout Utah have launched a campaign to combat DUIs on Super Bowl Sunday.  The campaign shows a police officer cardboard cutout next to a football player cardboard cutout.  On the football player it reads “Takes down quarterbacks” while next to the police officer it reads “Takes down drunk drivers.”

Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally a heavy drinking day and statistically there is an increase in drunk driving and DUI arrests.  You can bet that law enforcement agencies throughout the state will be on the lookout for drunk drivers and will be waiting to cite as many people for DUI as possible.

In fact, the Utah Highway Patrol conducts what they call DUI saturation pools.  This is when UHP troopers focus heavily on spotting and arresting drunk drivers.

Even local restaurants such as Iggy’s is providing free soda and other non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers.  Iggy’s has also included the cardboard cutouts in their restaurants to try to get the word out about the anti-drunk driving campaign for Super Bowl Sunday.

Don’t Drink and Drive This Super Bowl Sunday

At Provo DUI Defense we want to remind you to take a cab or get a designated driver if you will be drinking.  Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most exciting days of the year and a day when friends and family can gather around for the biggest game in sports.  It would be a shame to ruin the fun by getting arrested for a DUI.

If You Get Charged Call Us

Inevitably some people will drink and drive and get arrested for DUI this Super Bowl Sunday.  If you fall into this category make sure you give our experienced Provo DUI and DWI lawyers a call at 801.900.3371. We can help you defend your rights against such charges and are extremely successful at helping people keep their driver’s licenses and avoid some of the very stiff penalties related to DUI convictions.

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