Number of DUIs Increase During Summer Holidays in Utah

Summer is here and the summer holidays are here as well. Today is Memorial Day and Utah families and friends are out and about soaking up the sun and enjoying all the beautiful nature this great state has to offer. No doubt the state of Utah from Salt Lake and Ogden to Provo and St. George is a great place to be during the summer months. During the holidays of the summer we often see an increase in the number of calls we receive for drunk driving representation. It is no big secret that along with the family outings and holiday fun comes an increase in partying and alcohol use. There is also an increase in marijuana and other drug related case questions we receive. We encourage everyone to get out and have a good time, just remember to be responsible. If you or someone you know finds themselves facing a DUI charge in Utah or a marijuana possession charge in Provo, we can certainly help and we are always glad to do so. We focus on giving the best representation possible in Utah County and we never judge your actions. We are not so concerned with your decisions and perceived mistakes as we are with making sure you are protected in this process.

Provo DUI Defense

At our Provo Law Office, we understand that people sometimes get carried away during the summer holidays. We want to help if you find yourself being charged with a crime in Utah County. Whether it is a DUI, drug charge, or anything else related like a minors consumption case, we can help. The rest of your summer doesn’t have to be ruined, we help you get the matter resolved reasonably and quickly so you can put it all behind you and move on as soon as possible. Speak with one of our Provo DUI attorneys now.

Provo Police Officers and Sheriffs on the Prowl

The authorities are especially cognizant of the summer holidays and you can be they will be out in full force looking to pull over suspected DUIs. You have rights when it comes to when the police can stop and/or search your vehicle. In many cases, the police act outside the scope of their constitutional authority and violate rights We ensure you are protected in these cases and not taken advantage of in a sometimes prejudicial system. Call or email us anytime and we will let you know what we think about your case and options. Since we offer payment plans and reasonable rates, there is no reason not to pick of the phone now. Consultations are free and confidential.

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