New Years Eve Drunk Driving

It’s no secret to anyone, people party on New Years Eve, and when people party they often get drunk. Law enforcement officials are also aware of this and DUI stops and enforcement are normally ratcheted up during holiday events such as New Years Eve. So it is important that any individual that is planning on going to a New Years Eve party and plans on drinking needs to have a plan for getting home without driving drunk. It is also important to remember why the state has DUI laws in the first place and that is to protect people from accidents caused by drunk driving, including those who are drunk themselves. So instead of putting others and yourself at risk make sure you have a designated driver.

DUI Penalties

As added incentive to not drive drunk, the state has attached severe penalties to drunk driving. If it is your first offense you may be able to get away with loosing your license, being required to install an interlock devise on your vehicle when you get your license back, and paying some fines. However, if there are other factors involved in the offense, like someone was injured, there was a minor in the car, or this is a subsequent offense then you could be facing a much more serious charge that could end in imprisonment.

Utah DUI Attorney | Utah County

If you are already facing DUI charges and you live in Utah County then call the lawyers at Provo DUI Defense. We can help you protect yourself and make sure you get the best outcome available. Even if you think you are guilty and should serve your time it is a good idea to consult an attorney to make sure you understand the charges and the consequences. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation.

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