Labor Day Weekend and Drunk Driving

As you could probably guess, Labor Day weekend is a big weekend for DUI charges. In fact, Labor Day is one of the weekends with the highest number of DUI citations written each year. The weather is still nice, its the end of summer, and a lot of people are out getting their last weekend vacations in on the lake, up in the mountains, and all over the great outdoors this state has to offer. With the end of summer fun often comes a lot of partying and drinking and you can bet police and sheriffs in Provo and all over Utah County will be on high alert for drunk driving. It seems every year, the Utah Highway Patrol plans a DUI blitz all over the state in which troopers patrol I-15 and all the major highways specifically looking for drunk drivers. Additionally, at least some local police departments will likely be setting up DUI checkpoints. Often these checkpoints are set up in canyons to catch drunk drivers who have been enjoying the mountains. Don’t drink and drive this Labor Day, or ever for that matter, but if you do end up facing a DUI charge, make sure you give us a call.

Keeping You Informed

We are certain DUI blitzes and checkpoints will be happening in parts of  the state as they always due during the Labor Day weekend. While we are currently not aware of any scheduled checkpoints in Utah County, we will keep you posted on the locations and other information on any checkpoints  that may arise. Keep checking back with our firm to get the latest updates. You can also visit our facebook page to get the most up to date information including comments from others on these issues. If you are charged with a DUI this Labor Day Weekend, we can help so do not hesitate to call.

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