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It is no secret that DUIs increase significantly in Utah County and throughout the state of Utah during the summer months. At our law office our DUI Attorney receives more and more calls for drunk driving once the summer months hit in Provo, Orem, and American Fork. More people are out camping, travelling, boating, and participating in other recreational activities, and as a result, more people are out drinking and driving. While summer is a great time to be out having fun with friends and family, we all need to be careful not to get behind the wheel if we are intoxicated. For those of you who find yourself facing a DUI or related charge, we can help.

Non Automobile DUI

Yes it is true. You can be charged with a DUI for operating an ATV, boat, dirt bike, or other recreational vehicle under the influence of alcohol. During the summer we get many calls from clients who never knew they could be charged with these types of crimes. We have even heard of some people being charged with a drunk driving charge for riding a bicycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In many of these cases, there are solid defenses to the charges which can result in either dismissal of the case or plea bargain in your favor. If you have been charged with a DUI for operating a recreational vehicle while you were drunk, call us today.

Drunk Driving and DUI Metabolite

Did you know you could be charged with a DUI for driving while on prescription medications? Having any measurable controlled substance in your system while operating a vehicle can land you in jail with a DUI Metabolite.  Additionally, being under the influence of marijuana or other illegal drugs while driving can score you a DUI among other potential charges. An increase in recreational drug use often occurs in the summers leading to many drug related DUIs and possession and paraphernalia citations. When charged with these drug related crimes, it is important to have aggressive counsel on your defense to help ensure your case is tried fairly.

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A lawyer at our office is available 24/7. Don’t hesitate to call us an schedule a free consultation with a member of our drunk driving defense team in Provo. A Provo DUI defense lawyer at our office can help you get the peace of mind and representation you need. Call or email us now to get started.

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