Heinz Ward Arrested for DUI

Driving Under the Influence is too Common in Utah

Many people in the Provo area and the rest of Utah enjoy drinking alcohol.  Whether it’s for personal pleasure or in a social gathering alcohol is part of the culture in Utah and the rest of United States.  Because so many people drink intoxicating beverages, it is no surprise that that there are many individuals that end up drinking and driving.  Drinking and driving is against the law and dangerous but, unfortunately, many end up doing it believing they are either not drunk, can still drive tolerably well, or just don’t care about the consequences of drinking and driving.  Many incidents of drinking and driving happen without any type of accident or the police catching the individuals.  When people do get caught, however, a Provo DUI defense attorney well help protect their criminal rights.

DUI Charges Filed Against Heinz Ward

With many people drinking and driving, it is usually not a big surprise when a famous individual such as a politician, an athlete, or an actor gets arrested for DUI.  One example of a person in the public spotlight getting arrested on a DUI happened last week.  Heinz Ward, a football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the winner of Dancing With the Stars was arrested for driving under the influence in Georgia last Saturday morning.  DUI arrests happen a lot but when a famous person is involved, everyone knows about it.

Heinz Ward is now in the spotlight for his DUI arrest.  He does not have the luxury of most people in Utah and other states of being able to quietly take care of his criminal DUI charges.  Instead he will be in the public eye as he facing the DUI penalties of a conviction such as jail time, fines, and loss of driving privileges.  Heinz Ward avows that he is innocent but if convicted of a DUI, his employment will probably affected.  Hopefully his DUI defense attorney is as good as a Provo DUI defense attorney.

For DUI Defense, Hire a Provo DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested in Utah for a DUI-alcohol or any other type of DUI related offense, call a Provo DUI defense attorney.  A Provo DUI defense attorney will help you resolve your criminal charges as quickly and quietly as possible so your life isn’t impacted to any great degree.  Call 801.900.3371 for a free consultation about your case today.

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