Going Easy on the Egg Nog

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are here and Christmas is just a few short days away. It is a time to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately for some, the holidays often lead to an increase in DUI charges as people attempt to drink and drive often returning home from a work party or other event. For that reason we offer a few tips for you to consider to help prevent a DUI and spoiling your Christmas cheer.

Limit Your Drinks

Really, the only way to ensure you are not cited with a DUI is to not drink and drive. But of course it is the holidays and you plan on drinking here or there. If so, try to limit your intake to an amount where you are not impaired and you are under the legal limit of .08. Of course it is difficult to know what your BAC level may be at any given time, and it may also be difficult to know exactly how much alcohol you have consumed, but as ┬árule of thumb, you shouldn’t have more than a single drink if you are going to get behind the wheel. Of course, even a single drink, under some circumstances, might get you over that limit if the drink has an abnormally high alcohol concentration.

Designated Driver

Everyone now having a designated driver is the best way to ensure you can indulge in all the drinking you like while still being able to get home safely and without incident. If you are going to a holiday party with a designated driver, make sure they understand what they are in for, they are responsible, and are committed to your safety.

You Throw the Christmas Party

Why not have the party at your place? This allows you to consume alcohol without the need to go anywhere. Just make sure that your guests are also being safe and are not getting into trouble or getting into their cars and driving drunk.

DUI Attorney in Provo

If you find yourself facing a DUI charge over the holidays, take action quickly and give us a call. We hope everyone has a fun safe Christmas but understand some people may end up needing help from a lawyer. A DUI Attorney in Provo at our firm can help.

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