Field Sobriety Tests | What You Need to Know

We’ve all seen it in movies or on the side of the road, the field sobriety test can often be comical as we watch g an intoxicated individual fail the test, but if there is any comedy in the experience as a whole it ends right there. The test itself can appear to be a form of punishment as it can often feel like a form of public humiliation. However, depending on the results of the test there could be much more serious penalties on the horizon. Because of the serious ramifications of these tests it is important to understand your rights and what procedures the officer has to follow.

Testing, Probable Cause, and Arrest

When an officer pulls a person over for whatever reason and then believes that the person may be intoxicated they may administer field sobriety tests to investigate further. It is important to understand that a person does no need to submit to this testing. However, if you refuse to do the testing then the officer may arrest you for the refusal, but down the road that may be the best decision because without the test results the prosecution is going to have a much more difficult job charging and prosecuting you. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that they can refuse to take the tests or they don’t want to get arrested so they submit to the testing. The most common tests and those approved by the National Highway Traffic and Safety administration are the walk and turn test, the one-legged stand test and the HGN test.

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