Fears DUIs Will Increase With Proposed Law

Utah Lawmakers Fear More DUIs if Law Passes

It’s that time of year in Utah where the lawmakers are passing more laws that usually make it harder for Utahans to drink alcohol.  This year, however, Utah’s strict alcohol laws may be amended to give drinkers a little more flexibility in obtaining alcohol.  No, liquor licenses will still be in short supply and the oppressive state liquor stores will continue to stay in business, but they may be open on certain holidays.  There is a bill that was just passed by the house and is before the senate for consideration that would allow state liquor stores to be open on certain holidays.  It does not ease Utah’s oppressive alcohol laws but the legislature does appear to be thinking more liberally about alcohol laws.

Many Utah legislators believe that opening liquor stores on holidays is a bad idea though.  Many fear that DUIs will increase because people have the ability to buy more alcohol on holidays when more people drink alcohol because of parties and festivities. It is hard to say if these fears are legitimate or not.  Many Utah DUI defense attorneys don’t believe DUIs will increase.  People may buy large amounts of alcohol before a holiday, drink it on the holiday, and then drive while under the influence of alcohol so it may not make a difference when they bought the liquor.  Also, beer is still available at grocery and convenience stores for people to get drunk on and bars could still sell alcohol on holidays.  Since beer and hard liquors are still available already on holidays, it doesn’t seem likely that people will drink more and commit a DUI because liquor is available from state liquor stores.

It seems unlikely that this law will affect the number and frequency of DUIs in Utah.  DUIs will continue to happen in Utah whether or not the legislature makes alcohol more available and Utah DUI defense attorneys will be around to defend the criminal charges.

DUI Charges Need Aggressive Representation

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