Elementary Teacher Cited for Public Intoxication

Teacher Drunk During School

Earlier this month a Pleasant Grove special ed teacher was called to the principal’s office after an an anonymous tip suggested that she was intoxicated. Police officers administered a breathalyzer test which revealed that the teacher, Kaylee Hoffman, had a blood alcohol level of .043. Hoffman was cited for public intoxication, a class B misdemeanor, but police decided not take her into custody. Witnesses report that it was not obvious that Hoffman was intoxicated, and stated that her intoxication level was very low. Furthermore, Lt. Roberts with the Pleasant Grove police department stated that Hoffman probably would not have been cited for public intoxication if she had not been in a public school filled with children.

Utah Intoxication Laws

From the account above it is clear that people need to make sure they are responsible when it comes to intoxication. At .043, Hoffman’s blood alcohol level wasn’t at a point that she could have been cited for a DUI if she had been pulled over, but given the circumstances she was cited for public intoxication. Also, blood alcohol level’s are a very precise measurement that can not be decided very accurately by a simple gut check by the individual, so it is always better to be safe than sorry. Meaning its better to find a ride than find out what your BAC is from an officer administered breathalyzer test.

Provo DUI Defense Attorney

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