Easter Weekdend DUI Stops | Police Road Blocks

Utah County DUI Defense Attorney

This weekend is Easter and there is no doubt the police agencies will be out in full force throughout the state looking to make DUI arrests. Every Easter weekend, the police in Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Summit, Weber, and many other counties stop hundreds of vehicles on suspicion of DUI. Indeed, throughout the state you can expect there will be several hundred arrests made for drunk driving. Additionally, you will likely see police set up road blocks near hot Easter vacation spots like the sand dunes in the west desert. Thousands of people flock to the sand dunes over the weekend. It is a known Easter party and the police hope to make many arrests there. If you are charged, speak with a Utah County DUI defense attorney at our law firm as soon as possible.

Easter Weekend Road Blocks

If you run into a road block this weekend, if you are arrested for DUI, call us immediately. Failure to timely follow procedure may result in the loss of your license and other penalties. The police must follow certain rules in order to properly stop you at a road block. Often times, officials fail to follow the rules imposed on them when it comes to stopping and searching your vehicle or asking you to submit to fields sobriety  or breathalyzer tests. You have rights; we can help you protect them.

Alcohol Ticket at the Sand Dunes

In addition to DUIs, many younger people receive alcohol tickets for Minor’s consumption or possession of alcohol at the Sand Dunes and other Easter party sites throughout the state each year. Unfortunately, some minors choose not to fight their ticket and they end up going through a difficult process alone. You do not have to face an alcohol ticket by yourself. We offer payment plans and affordable rates so almost anyone can hire us for their defense. Call to find out more or fill out our email contact form on the right hand side of this page.

Be Safe – Call us if you are arrested.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Easter weekend. If, however, you are charged with a DUI or other crime such as and alcohol ticket or marijuana possession, phone us right away. Our Provo criminal defense lawyers will help you through the difficult process ahead. You can rest assured you have a team of highly skilled advocates on your side.

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