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Although a DUI charge is one of the more common criminal charges, it is still quite complicated and convoluted. The elements required to prove a DUI are fairly simple, but the part that can be confusing is determining the penalties that will come from a conviction. The starting point is showing that a person was operating a vehicle or was in actual physical control of a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If there are no other enhancing factors like prior charges, bodily injury, or a number of other things then a conviction will be a class B misdemeanor and the sentencing recommendation is 48 hours imprisonment, and a $1,332 fine.

Utah DUI Laws | Drunk Driving

Utah’s DUI laws are aimed at providing for public safety, as are most in the country. As such the penalties are very severe because the aim of the legislation is to prevent people from committing the offense. With that in mind DUI charges are very complex and there are varying degrees of offenses, which allows attorneys more room to get charges reduced and penalties minimized. So with severe penalties at stake and lots of moving room for an attorney there is a lot of incentives to make sure you get competent legal help to defend yourself.

Provo DUI Defense Attorney | Utah County Lawyer

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, if you have been charged with a DUI then the lawyers at Provo DUI defense can help. Our attorneys cover all of Utah County and are experienced trial attorneys that know how to defend DUI cases. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation, we can explain your charges to you and help you decide how you want to defend those charges. 801.900.3371

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