DUI Involving Boating or Recreational Vehicles

Yes, it is possible to be cited with a DUI for drinking and driving while boating or driving recreational vehicles such as ATVs. Every year during the summer months we receive numerous calls from people cited with drunk driving for operating any number of recreational toys while under the influence of alcohol. Some of these cases are more serious than others and involve accidents with injuries to the driver, others, or both. Probably the most common DUI in this area occurs out on the water. Utah is known for its beautiful desert lakes such as Lake Powell and Sand Hallow. However, the park rangers and law enforcement officials in these hot spots are always on the lookout for people drinking on their boats. Another outdoor area in which we see a lot of people being cited for DUI is the Sand Dunes. Many people party at the sand dunes but then make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of their sand rail, dirt bike, or ATV. There seems to be high number of Sheriffs and other law enforcement officials at the sand dunes especially during the holiday weekends in the summer. We are not saying don’t go out and have fun, get out and enjoy the great outdoors Utah has to offer, just remember, if you find yourself facing a drunk driving charge in Utah from operating a fun little toy under the influence this summer, call us to take your defense.

DUI Involving Injuries in Utah

If you are involved in an accident while you are operating a boat or recreational vehicle under the influence, you will likely be facing even tougher charges and possibly a felony. In these types of cases, it is absolutely imperative you speak with a Provo DUI attorney at our law firm as soon as possible. Do not take your chances by going to court without a lawyer when injuries may have resulted from your accident.

Free Consultation

We are available by phone or email 24/7 and we provide free consultation so there is no reason not to pick up the phone and at least get a formal opinion about your case from one of our DUI defense lawyers in Utah.

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