DUI and Texting, Man Charged with Felony in Accident

Drinking and driving can be a deadly combination. Drinking and driving, and texting, is a certain mix for a potential fatal accident. Recently, a man in Utah was accused of doing just that. According to news sources, the defendant allegedly pinned a woman between his car and hers as he hit her while texting and driving. The lady was severely injured at the time of the report it was not yet known whether she would lose her leg. Authorities later reported alcohol and/or drugs may have been in the man’s system at the time. Now, authorities have charged the man with a felony and he is facing the potential of prison time. Many of us have heard how dangerous texting can be while driving. In fact, some experts have indicated it is similar to drinking drunk as far as your ability to properly operate the vehicle. As you can imagine, combining both DUI and texting is even more dangerous. We caution everyone in our community to exercise safe driving practices and neither drink and drive or text while driving. For those of you who face a DUI Charge in Utah, contact a Provo DUI Defense Attorney at our office as soon as possible.

Felony DUI Charge in Utah

If you are facing a Felony DUI Charge in Utah, you may have a few prior DUIs, or you may have been in a car accident and caused significant property damage or even worse, physical injury to another. Whatever the circumstances may be, you are entitled to a proper defense and should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. the DUI Laws in Utah are extremely tough, you could lose your license for a long period of time and even go to jail to name just a few of the penalties you may be facing. When it is a felony DUI charge, there is the possibility of prison time so these cases should be taken very seriously and properly defended. Don’t wait, contact us now.

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