Cottonwood Heights Woman Suspected of DUI

Woman Drives on Sidewalk and Crashes into Wall

Earlier this month in Cottonwood Heights, Kelcee Ririe drove off a residential street hitting a brick mailbox and two different retaining walls. Ririe, who is 21 years old has had some DUI issues in the past when she was a juvenile, and paramedics stated that they detected a strong odor of alcohol on Ririe’s breath after the accident. The real scare of the incident is that Ririe had a 5 year old child with her in the vehicle. Not only is it concerning that she may have injured the child, but also according to statute Ririe could be facing more serious DUI penalties because of the presence of the child in the vehicle.

Utah’s DUI Penalties

In Utah DUIs are set up so that there is a baseline set off penalties for a DUI and then depending on the circumstances the penalties are increased. For example if a person has been convicted of DUI and it is their first offense and there are no other enhancements then the mandatory penalties by law are 48 hours jail/work service/home confinement, some alcohol classes and assessments, $1,332 fine, supervised probation, and possible Drivers License Division (DLD) action, like an interlock device or license suspension. From these penalties things only get worse if the person has had prior DUI convictions or there was an enhancement factor in the case, such as: a passenger under 16 in the vehicle, a death because of a DUI accident, or serious bodily injury because of a DUI accident.

Utah County’s DUI Attorney

Obviously the consequences of a DUI can be very serious and every little fact of your case can be very important and can have an effect on the penalties you will face. With the help of an attorney you can be sure that your case is handled properly and that you obtain the best outcome available. Call us today to set up an appointment. 801.900.3371

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