Alcohol Restricted Driver in Utah

Individuals convicted under the DUI Laws in Utah with a DUI, Impaired Driving, or even an Alcohol Related Reckless Driving Charge, will most likely be labeled as an Alcohol Restricted Driver in Utah. If you are convicted with any of the above stated offenses and within 2 years from your conviction, you test positive for alcohol at all, while driving, you may be charged with a restricted driver charge. WE understand you may have already had to fight a drunk driving charge and now are forced to deal with the court system again. We are sympathetic to your plight and would like to take your defense. We fight compounded charges which just pile on penalties. It is important to note that any measurable amount of alcohol in a restricted person who is operating a vehicle or is in actual physical control of a motor vehicle may result in difficult charges being filed. You do not have to test above the legal limit to be charged with this. If you have been restricted, even a .001 could theoretically lead to an alcohol restricted charge. Therefore it is extremely important to not have any alcohol in your system at all when driving after a DUI or related charge.

Penalties for an Alcohol Restricted Driver Charge

The penalties may vary depending on certain factors related to your restriction. However, generally you can be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor for this offense and if you are convicted, you may be required to install an ignition interlock. If you already have an order for an ignition interlock, the time period in which this requirement must run may be extended. In addition, fines and other penalties can foll0w. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult with a Provo DUI Defense Attorney if you have been charged as an Alcohol Restricted Driver.

Going to Court

Going to Court on this type of offense can be intimidating without the help of a good Utah DUI Lawyer. At our law firm, we have represented numerous individuals charged with these and related offenses. You do not have to go to court alone. We offer competitive fees and payment plans for these types of cases so you should at least speak to a member of our defense team today before you make a decision that could have long term consequences. Our consultations are free and you can even hire us right over the phone.

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