4th of July Checkpoints and DUI Blitzes

4th of July weekend is typically one of the deadliest weekends in the state of Utah. More accidents occur during this time of year than almost any other. This is in large part due to the sheer number of individuals out on the roads and people enjoying accident prone outdoor activities. Additionally, DUI and alcohol related incidents rise sharply over the weekend and this year law enforcement state wide is cracking down with checkpoints and DUI blitzes. The Salt Lake Tribune reported a few days ago that Salt Lake in particular was looking to past accident information to determine where their DUI blitzes should proceed in certain areas with a history of accidents. Undoubtedly there┬áhave been many individuals across the state who were cited for DUIs, drugs, and other related offenses through the holiday weekend. Since 1996, at least 1 person, usually quite a bit more, died on Utah roads during the fourth of July. Utah Highway Patrol’s goal this year was to prevent any deaths. Their main strategy for this cause was the DUI blitzes in effect throughout the weekend.

Drunk Driving Over the Holidays

Labor Day is the second most deadly day on the roads next to the fourth. The other weekend holidays are close behind with Memorial Day and others. Super Bowl Sunday always presents another time of year in which DUIs and alcohol related offense rise. We always caution our family, friends, and the community in general to drive safe and drink responsibly. We also try to provide the community with notice of DUI checkpoints and blitzes, not to avoid the law, but to help everyone be safe and to know the police are actively on the lookout for drunk drivers.

Provo DUI Defense Lawyer

While Utah County may not be known as the party capitol of the state. the valley sees its fair share of drunk driving arrests every fourth of July. If you or a friend were charged this weekend in Provo, Orem, Lehi, or anywhere else in the area, we can help. Call and speak with a Provo DUI Defense Lawyer now.

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