Provo DUI Defense Lawyer

Speak with a Provo DUI defense lawyer at our office today. We have a tema of highly skilled advocates who represent individuals throughout Utah County in challenging alcohol and drug related cases. Utah drunk driving charges are extremely serious and Utah police, prosecutors, and courts are reluctant to reduce DUI charges to lesser offenses. This means that a good DUI defense attorney must be ready to act very aggressively to protect your rights. We are those attorneys. Clients ome to our office knowing they will get a lawyer who will take the time to properly investigate their case and defend them to the greatest extent possible.

Utah Drunk Driving, DUI, and DUI Metabolite Attorney

At the law firm of Provo DUI Defense our criminal attorneys are ready to take on even the most difficult of DUI cases.  We thrive on defending rights and protecting individual liberty.  We also understand that the severity of Utah’s DUI laws can result in more than just having a criminal record. Whether you are facing an alcohol related charge or a drug related driving charge (DUI metabolite), we can help.

Keeping Your Driver’s License

Many people must have a license in order to work and if they lose their driver’s license they can lose their job.  We do everything we can to protect your rights and your driving privileges.  The Drivers License Division in Utah revokes driving privileges constantly. While we can’t make any guarantees on your license, we can guarantee we will fight hard to protect your driving privileges.